How to Make 50K a Year Selling Ebooks on Amazon (The REAL Secret Is Simple)

How to Make 50K a Year Selling Ebooks on Amazon (The REAL Secret Is Simple)

Who else would love to earn amazing money writing books for Amazon? Do you secretly crave fame, fortune and a desire to SPEAK to the world? Maybe you have an inspiring message you believe is critical to share? Or maybe you simply want an easy way to extend your influence, expand your audience and reach MORE people on the largest publishing platform on the planet?

The truth is, regardless of whether your motivation is MONEY, meaning, marketing or anything else, you CAN and should be self publishing books, documents and content for Kindle.

The funny thing is, there are SO many secret strategies, guru’s, gimmicks and gadgets out there that promise you fame and fortune if ONLY you can follow their system, whereas the REAL secret is much simpler than you can imagine.

Here are the 2 big takeaways I’ve learned writing my own books… and in helping clients quickly and easily do the same.

1 – DO write in multiples, or in a series. The truth is, cross selling books is the SECRET to long term success on Amazon, or self publishing overall. Yes, you can get lucky and have a ONE shot wonder and do very well. But SMALL, consistent sales across multiple titles is the REAL key to long term publishing profits… and every time you sell ONE book, you are very likely to sell others in your catalog, especially if your readers enjoy what they just read! (which is obviously your first priority when publishing:-)

2 – Do concentrate on SPEED and a system. I outline everything using what I call a “content cornerstone”. I break my entire topic down into easy to understand chapters… and then drill down to make sure I’ve got my content covered, in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

3 – DON’T try to “data dump” everything you know about a niche, or a hobby or an industry in one book. Break it down into multiple products, or multiple volumes and make each book comprehensive about ONE specific solution, strategy or area.

4 – DO the math before you write your books! For example, if you want to earn 50K a year on Amazon, that SOUNDS daunting and “too good to be true” when you look at it on face value. Instead, think about the MATH, and not the marketing. Selling 5 books at 2.99 a day is very, very simple to do in most niches under the sun. 5 books a day will “net” you about 12 bucks. When you scale that over 365 days per year, you can reasonably expect that one book to generate about 5k, EVEN if it is an unknown, NON best seller and you just do “okay” with it overall.

But, when you realize you can really write a 15000 word book every 10 days with EASE… and you start focusing on the MATH, writing 10 books a year will give you your goal, even if nothing you write EVER makes the news, or gets famous.

The truth is, I’ve written over 5000 articles like THIS one over the years – probably enough to fill 200 books – while running a real business as well. It’s NOT hard, and can be done in a few hours a day, and believe me when I tell you, if you like to write and have something to say, it will be the EASIEST money you’ve ever earned and a whole bunch of fun to boot!