How to Podcast? An Introduction to Podcasting

How to Podcast?  An Introduction to Podcasting

Podcasting is the latest craze on the web and it proceeds to increase on a each day basis. Previous MTV host Adam Curry and application developer Dave Winer are credited with creating podcasting. Curry wrote a software known as iPodder which authorized him to automatically download online radio broadcasts to his iPod and Winer was instrumental in advertising and marketing RSS. (Actually Simple Syndication).

What is RSS? RSS allows individuals the means to subscribe to their beloved weblog or podcast and the facts can be mechanically downloaded to their laptop or computer. Subsequently, Curry and Winer devised a way to send audio documents by RSS feeds.

The phrase Podcasting will come from “iPod” and “Broadcasting”. Even so, you really don’t need to have an iPod in buy to file or listen to a podcast. Anyone with a personal computer or mp3 participant can listen to a podcast.

From radio communicate display hosts Al Franken to Hurry Limbaugh, conventional radio is embracing podcasting. In addition, converse show host Sean Hannity and NPR (Nationwide Community Radio) are featuring their shows in the type of a podcast.

Tv is also welcoming podcasting. ABC Information, CBS “60 Minutes”, Television set Manual and Ebert/Roeper Motion picture Opinions are all readily available as a result of podcasts.

What is Podcasting? Podcasting is an audio file that you generate on your personal computer and then add it to the net so other people today can hear it. All you need to have is a laptop, microphone and voice-editing application.

Everyone can podcast. It is great for girls, men, learners, work-at-home-Mothers and seniors. If you have a thing to say, podcasting is a wonderful way to accomplish this aim.

Do you have a favourite passion that you would like to share with other individuals? Are you a business enterprise operator who would like to boost customers? Have you at any time dreamed of becoming your possess chat clearly show host or disc jockey? With podcasting, all of the earlier mentioned factors are attainable.

You could have your really very own podcast up and working these days.

What do you need to have?

1. A Microphone

You will have to have a microphone for your personal computer so that you can report your exhibit. You can buy a respectable microphone at any laptop retail outlet or Radio Shack. (

2. A Voice-Enhancing Program

Voice-modifying applications let you to report and edit your clearly show. There are two free plans on the net that you can use.
(a) Wavepad: (

(b) Audacity: (http://audacity.sourceforge.internet)

3. Upload Exhibit to Website or Internet hosting Organization

Following your exhibit is recorded, you will want to upload it to the world wide web. You can both place it on your web site or you can use one particular of the a lot of web hosting companies. ( is 1 business in which you can host your podcast.

As you can see, podcasting is very simple to commence. We are at the starting of this roller coaster journey that will hit astronomical proportions as time goes on.

The only way to choose if podcasting is for you is to start out. Choose the first action and see how you like it.