Deck Lighting – Creating Night Time Ambience On Your Outdoor Deck

Deck Lighting – Creating Night Time Ambience On Your Outdoor Deck

Warm weather allure on your outside deck moves an atmospheric notch when you install soft ambient deck lighting. Evening meals “out on the deck”… reading… listening to music… even adding a soft glow to outdoors deck camp outs for the kids all the more possible with the latest generation of long-life easy-to-install outdoor designs.

Post Lights – With Optional Light Sensor Controls. Any number of deck post designs can be used to increase outdoor ambience and day-to-night use. Think of flood lights… lantern designs set in as deck post or wall mounted… quartz flood… LED deck lights. Dawn-to-dusk adaptation becomes a cinch with the use of high tech hi-lo sensor units… saving energy when you need to, or providing motion detection when people enter the deck area. Deck lamps can be post-mounted, screwed into the deck directly, or wall mounted too adapt to any outdoor lighting need.

Step Lights. Deck stair lights are critical for night time safety. Homeowners should consider a pattern, with two fixtures on the opposite ends of wide stairs over 6 to 8 feet, or a single center-positioned deck step light for narrower deck stairs.

LED Deck Lighting. Recessed lighting got a design boost with the advent of solar powered LED systems. A simple kit for 1 or multiple lighting points, LED designs exploit the “free energy” from the sun… charging up in under 4 hours… generating up to 12 hours of subtle low-wattage lighting… and the Big Winner is that you’re entirely free of troublesome wires and the associated additional wiring costs. Several solar panels “collect” energy during the day. You can program the LED to come on automatically, or use a remote control for when-needed lighting control.

Low Voltage Lighting. Is your deck shaded and limited in terms of capturing sunlight? If so then the alternative to solarlighting is hard-wired low voltage deck lighting. You’ll get 100% guaranteed light-on-demand with the flick of a wall switch. Around 10 watts of power running through halogen bulbs gives you complete control over your deck lighting needs. Design materials include the range of copper, wood, bronze and mixed materials. Some individual low voltage lights can be screwed directly into the deck, be grounded and placed along garden pathways.

Solar Deck Lighting. Residential deck and stairs or even large landscape lighting needs are well met by the new breed of 2 to 4 watt solar ighting designs. Typically fabricated in long life anodized metal, solar deck post lights weight less than 2 pounds… each can be located exactly where you need it… self-contained with discrete solar panels combining with LED intensive lights… plus, the huge advantage of “no messy wires and connections” to be made. Charging time of 4 hours equals sufficient stored energy to run for up to 12 hours.

Recessed Lighting – Subtle Designing With Light. When lighting decks, while custom in design and installation, creates the most subtle yet safe way to locate lights so that you and your friends can comfortably see… yet not be blinded. Recessed lighting systems safely trail connective wires below the deck, and eye line. Once wired in to a nearby switch box, recessed fixtures carry a protective cap so that the accidental step from kids, dogs or guests causes no harm. Alternative to wires? Look into the range of solar lights, especially recessed kits… easy to install, weather resistant.