9 Safe Gadget Tips For Your Children. It is undeniable that gadgets—primarily smartphones and tablets—have become a part of everyday life. But, then, the question arises, are children allowed to use it too? Many parents worry that gadgets for children will affect their mental health and interfere with their studies.

Gadget Tips For Your Children
Gadget Tips For Your Children

However, children are born in the middle of rapid technological developments and need to learn and understand the digital world. Later, this will help them survive in a life full of competition. Moreover, we know that gadgets have benefits that can facilitate daily work.

Benefits and Roles of Gadgets for Children

If appropriately used, gadgets can help your little one’s development. Let’s identify the benefits of devices for children first.

Means of Channeling Creativity

Children have high imaginations. There were crayons or colored pencils that could be a tool to channel their creativity in the past. Now, children have computers, tablets, and other gadgets to help them get the ideas out of their minds.

Means of Channeling Creativity

Of course, they can still use pencils, paper, and coloring tools can still be used. However, with increasingly sophisticated technology, your little one can even create animations or 3D images. If your child has a programming talent, they can even develop apps later. Kids can see that the children’s space for creativity is more expansive with the presence of gadgets.

Gadgets for Children as Learning Media

There are several apps available for toddlers, where they can tap or swipe on the screen to catch the balloons. This app not only makes children happy but also improves hand and eye coordination. In addition, there are also applications to learn numbers and letters.

Gadgets for Children as Learning Media

The availability of applications on this gadget makes them interestingly dive into various things. Hangman games, for example, can improve general knowledge and enrich your child’s vocabulary.

Gadgets for Children as an Easy-to-Access Information Source

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find information in books or other forms of printed documents. Now, books are available in digital format, making them easier to access. The price is also lower than the printed version. In addition, moms can use it to find information faster for children.

Easy-to-Access Information Source

In addition, there is a Youtube channel that helps your little one learn to read and count with attractive visuals. Children can learn while playing and don’t get bored quickly.

Learn to Solve Problems

Moms must be familiar with the term “survival mode.” Survival modes are usually in some games on the gadget. Players are required to complete specific missions to defeat the opponent or become the winner. Some games on devices with a survival theme like that can sharpen problem-solving skills.

Learn to Solve Problems

When playing games, children meet obstacles and challenges that they must overcome to achieve their goals, similar to real life. Therefore, games on gadgets help your little one dare to face the barriers identical to their real life. Therefore, moms should help choose the best games that can increase the independence of the Little One.

One of the games you can choose is Cussons Kids Play, which they can download via Google Play. In addition, there are games Amazing Race Through Time With Hot Wheels for boys and Rainbow Castle Adventure for girls.

This game was created by psychologists and is specially designed to develop your little one’s imagination and creativity. No less important, this game can stimulate the ability to think and solve problems. Very useful.

Gadgets for Children and Keep Your Child Monitored

With a gadget, you can easily track your little one’s location when you’re not with them. You can install the tracker application on your little one’s smartphone when he goes without your supervision. That way, you can keep an eye on him from afar without having to call all the time.

Keep Your Child Monitored

In addition, the smartphone that you use can also be connected to CCTV at home. While in the office, moms can still see the activity of the Little One through the gadget. If there is an emergency or suspicious situation, moms can immediately find out and contact the family to check on the condition of the Little One. Advanced technology helps keep your little one safe.

Although gadgets provide many benefits, if used excessively, they will harm children’s development. For example, a 2019 study from The University of Calgary found that two-year-olds who stare at screens for too long have poorer motor and communication skills. In addition, three-year-old children who play with gadgets for too long also have low developmental progress scores.

In a different study, The American Heart Association experts revealed that excessive consumption of gadgets for children could contribute to the risk of heart disease in the future. Using devices for too long makes your little one not move much and can cause obesity. If it continues into adulthood, he is at risk of having high cholesterol and blood pressure and eventually developing a chronic disease.

9 Safe Gadget Tips For Your Children

So that gadgets are safe for your little one, several things need to be considered. Instead of letting children get lost in technology, it’s best to teach them the right way to make the most of it. You can do the following things.

1. Choosing the App on the Right Gadget

Right Gadget Right App

Many interesting applications are available for gadgets. However, you should choose the proper application for your little one. Sometimes, the age label provided by the developers does not match the content. Therefore, you need to select the application you want to download yourself. Make sure the application is proper and provides education for your little one.

2. Limit the use of gadgets on children

Limit the use of gadgets on children

For the physical and mental health of the little one to stay healthy, moms should limit the time they use devices for their children. Some children cannot restrict access to devices, so the parents have to set these limits. Don’t let your little one watch television or play smartphone for a long time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children not stare at screens for more than two hours in recent years. In addition, children under the age of two are not allowed to access the gadget at all. However, these rules can be different in each family. It could be that the time given is more than two hours as long as there is strict supervision from parents (e.g., for school purposes). Choose a time that suits you and your little one.

3. Set a gadget-free time

Gadget-free time

As previously explained, technology has developed so rapidly that it is needed in every aspect of life. Therefore, it seems unfair to prohibit children from accessing gadgets at all. Even so, there are times when they should ignore technology. For example, at lunch or dinner, as well as when doing other family activities. When watching movies together, for example, make sure no family members are using their smartphones.

4. Accompany your little one when playing gadgets

Playing Gadgets With Parents

moms can accompany the little ones when they are using devices. This process can improve interactions and strengthen the bond between moms and babies. Playing games with children is the best way to introduce the concept of sportsmanship. Meanwhile, watching movies with your little one is an opportunity to share life stories. Don’t just monitor them; you can occasionally get involved in their activities, so you know what they have access

5. Take advantage of technology in an interactive way

technology in an interactive way

When using a device together, you can apply interactive methods so that your child doesn’t get bored and immersed in their world. For example, ask your child what they are looking at on their gadgets. You can also give a ‘little quiz’ of the content your child is currently accessing. Involve the child directly so that he stays connected to the moms.

6. Prevent your little one from sleeping with their device

sleeping with their device

When bedtime comes, it means that the child must be sleeping soundly. Children need more rest time than adults because they are still developing. Don’t let your little one bring their device to bed. There is a possibility that he will open his gadget again when Mom is out of the room. If that happens, your little one will lose sleep. This case can interfere with his mood and physical condition, affecting his activities the next day.

7. Balance with physical and outdoor activities

physical and outdoor activities with gadget

Right now, they can do many things through gadgets; nothing can replace physical activity. Invite your little one to be active every day. Moms can invite children to exercise every morning in a fun way. Now and then, let your little one play outdoors and interact with nature. When children are happy with these activities, they no longer feel the need to access gadgets.

8. Protect your little one’s privacy

kids gadget privacy

When accessing gadgets, sometimes you are asked to fill in personal data. Please pay close attention, don’t let it endanger the privacy of you and your family. You should also limit yourself to uploading too many things to social media. And if your little one has their own social media account, educate them about the dangers, so they are wiser and more careful.

9. Set a good example for children

Set a good example for children

You may have heard it a thousand times, but children are like sponges. They absorb well the things around them. If you want your child to limit the use of gadgets for your child, you should not often play with your smartphone in front of them. Even if you need to access your device for work, limit your time. Children will find it easier to imitate what they see with their own eyes.

You can conclude this article that keeping children away from gadgets is not a wise decision. Devices for children provide several benefits, and your little one must be able to adapt to technological developments so that they are not left behind. Parents can limit their use to not excessive and have a terrible impact on the Little One. Set the rules and tell your little one about the good and bad of gadgets.

Children need to learn how to use and control technology that is part of their daily lives. The digital world will not disappear. That is why they should be given guidance on how to use it properly. Always accompany and guide your little one in the process, moms!